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Don Morrison

Product Manager

In 2013, the founder of ANAVET # 283 Pipe Band, Don Morrison received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal. This medal honours significant contributions and achievements by Canadians. Don Morrison is an exemplary Canadian citizen and a deserving recipient of this award.


He served our city with the Winnipeg Police Department from 1947-1986, retiring with the rank of Inspector. He was a member of the City of Winnipeg Police Pipe Band for 50 years and was Pipe Major for 18 of those years, and a volunteer piper later on.


From 1939 to 1945, between the ages of 12 to 19, Don was a Member of the Cameron Cadets, and Pipe Major of the Cadet Pipe Band. Don served our country from 1945 to 1950 by enlisting with the Canadian Army (Reserves). From 1965-1980 he was promoted to Lieutenant, Canadian Armed Forces, and instructed the Cadet Pipe Band and then retired as a Captain (Reserves).


Prior to the days of youth travel, he took the Cadet Band to Austin Texas where they won all the prizes. He instilled his values of civic pride, public service, Scottish heritage and influenced a generation of Winnipeg youth. The Police Pipe band ranks were filled by former students and cadets, of whom all 3 Pipe Majors succeeding him have been former Cameron Cadets.


Don was officer in charge of the reserve army pipe band to Hemisfair-San Antonio Texas (a minor world’s fair). He organized, along with President Hugh Kennedy, Unit 283 ANAVETS (Army Navy Airforce Veterans Association) Pipe Band and served as Pipe Major and is still serving (over 21 years). For 30 years Don has been the Volunteer Piper for the War Amputations of Canada.


Don maintains involvement with the Royal Canadian Legion (30 years), Anavets (21 years), Cameron Highlander Association (60 years) and the Police Veterans Association of Winnipeg.


As a Pipe Major he has represented our city, province, and country nationally and internationally for over 40 years. He was selected as Winnipeg’s piper for the Pine to Palm tour to New Orleans, raising awareness of Highway 75. This resulted in many US citizens making trips to Canada, including 26 members from the Minneapolis Concert Band at his retirement dinner in Winnipeg.


He has piped for Mayors, Premiers, Prime Ministers, the Royal Family, President Jimmy Carter and was the solo piper for Queen Elizabeth II, just to name a few! He was the Pipe Major in charge of 250 pipers and drummers from Winnipeg to the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena, California, USA.


During these busy years he juggled shift work, raised four children and taught piping and drumming free of charge in his home. He has a wonderful family which includes wife Rose, children Colin, Cathy, Carolyn, Colleen and 12 grandchildren. Don’s family, friends and comrades are so proud of him!



  • Canadian Forces Decoration Medal.. CD   Canadian Police Service Medal and Bar 39 1⁄2 years service.

  • 1986 Awarded Tourism of Manitoba Good Citizen Award.

  • 1986 Tourism Ambassador Certificate on behalf Canadian Government of Canada (nominated by US citizens).

  • 1986 City of Winnipeg Community Service Award and Exemplary Citizen for excellent leadership in the field of community service by Mayor William Norris QC  1986 Certificate of appreciation by Minneapolis Police Dept in appreciation for the invaluable service and cooperation extended.

  • 2005 Lord Strathcona Award presented by the St Andrews Society of Winnipeg for furthering Scottish culture in all aspects to whom he collaborated with and teaching bagpipes and drums to boys and girls for 40 years.

  • Awards by the Royal Canadian Legion and Army Navy Air Force Veterans Canada for volunteer work on their behalf.

Compiled by Don’s daughter Colleen and P.M. Barbie Sands, ANAVET #283


Don Morrison
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